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СТАТЬИ, ТЕЗИСЫ, ЗАМЕТКИ | Просмотров: 2015 | Загрузок: 0 | Добавил: Ясон | Дата: 26.04.2014

The article provides the set of Ukrainian historiography scholarly works on the events of Yalta-45 Conference being first subjected to system-oriented examination in humanitarian and socio-political practice (not only classical monographs but an appreciable regional data array such as conference reports, round-table discussions verbatim accounts, etc. has been analyzed within the framework of the research). In the course of the research two vectors of Ukrainian historiography defined by the author as a vector of "continentalists" and a vector of "the Crimeans" have been brought to light. A tendency towards transformation of historic exploration of the past into politological discourse was documented. The causes of the phenomenon were found in ideological attitudes. Furthermore, factors opposing this tendency were enunciated: the sense of inherent ethnical exclusiveness versus dynamic "parochial patriotism". The elicited situation fits in with globalizing trends of up-to-date knowledge of the past which is intent on studying events of the last 100 years within the bounds of politological science methodology. It is mentioned that historical discourse on Yalta-45 preserves substantial gnoseological potential (in witness whereof there are examples of syncretizing various forms of knowledge in Ukrainian historiography). It is specified that in view of special conditions Ukrainian historiography has come to grips with formation of interdisciplinary schools of world history grand events cognition. This was exemplified in terms of Yalta conference historiography. The peril that a standard tradition can face is the absolute absorption of historical studies by politological discourse which can be well regarded as a "civilized challenge" to the present-day reality.

СТАТЬИ, ТЕЗИСЫ, ЗАМЕТКИ | Просмотров: 4174 | Загрузок: 262 | Добавил: Ясон | Дата: 28.11.2013

СТАТЬИ, ТЕЗИСЫ, ЗАМЕТКИ | Просмотров: 1703 | Загрузок: 166 | Добавил: Ясон | Дата: 28.11.2013

СТАТЬИ, ТЕЗИСЫ, ЗАМЕТКИ | Просмотров: 1528 | Загрузок: 0 | Добавил: Ясон | Дата: 06.06.2013

СТАТЬИ, ТЕЗИСЫ, ЗАМЕТКИ | Просмотров: 1506 | Загрузок: 0 | Добавил: Ясон | Дата: 06.06.2013

materials of the international scientific conference Yalta-45/13
СТАТЬИ, ТЕЗИСЫ, ЗАМЕТКИ | Просмотров: 3835 | Загрузок: 831 | Добавил: Ясон | Дата: 30.05.2013

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